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Wombadah’s History
Wombadah is the original name for the property on which
John Tierney built his home. John Tierney was Henry Lawson’s schoolteacher.

The original homestead was destroyed by fire and the current Tierney House is built over the foundations of John Tierney’s home. Sapling Gully, which runs from behind Teirney House is featured in one of Henry Lawson’s poems and the property has several mine shafts dug by gold prospectors in the mid to late 1800s.

Wombadah is built further up and around the hill to take advantage of the northerly outlook. From research done through the Aboriginal Land Council, The National Library and one or two other sources, it is thought that the word “wombadah” has its origins in the Wiradjuri language and means “land of the Wombats”. In actual fact there are Wombats on the property so just look when wandering around.