Wombadah Luxury Accommodation Mudgee

Wombadah Guesthouse
44 Tierney Lane



It is clear that the situation in NSW, with respect to Covid – 19 infections and hotspots, continues to change daily.  At Wombadah, Ray and Kaye request that:

1. If you have any symptoms, you get tested and self-quarantine as required, before travelling.

2. You ensure that you are not travelling from a hotspot as designated by NSW Health.

3.  If you are travelling to Mudgee from a designated hotspot we reserve the right to refuse accommodation and of course we will provide a full refund, if you have prepaid.

Similar rules obviously apply to Ray and Kaye to ensure there is no risk of Covid-19 emanating from our end.

There are no cases of Covid-19 in our region. The biggest risk to our community is travellers. Either people from our region travelling out and back or travellers from outside our region coming in. It is imperative that such travellers ensure they minimise risk to our region.

When you make a booking, details including Name, Partner’s name, telephone number, email and address will be collected to facilitate contact tracing if required.

Wombadah has four guest rooms and will accommodate 8 people. All guest rooms, communal guest lounge and dining room have been measured to ensure compliance with social distancing requirements.

If you develop symptoms whilst you are at Wombadah you will be provided with a mask and you will be asked to attend for testing. You will then be asked to vacate the premises or attend hospital.


Wombadah has just four guest rooms and can accommodate four couples (8 people). Each Guest Room has its own ensuite bathroom and sitting area. The Guest Lounge is Communal but is 64 sq metres and so can accommodate up to 16 people within the four sq metre rules. Please ensure you stay at least 1.5metres away from any other guest you are not travelling with.

Breakfast will be served in the dining room. The room is 20.5 sq metres in area so can sit 5 people under Covid rules. For breakfast we will have two sittings each of four people.  One at 08.00 and the second at 09.00. Each couple will be seated at least 1.5 metres from any other and all utensils, food  and  condiments etc will be set for each couple to ensure no cross contamination. Each room and guest area has wipes and or sanitiser to be used upon entering and leaving. There will be no physical contact and no handshaking.


Before your arrival all guest rooms, communal lounge and breakfast areas will be cleaned, surfaces wiped down, door handles, light switches, blinds and touch surfaces will also be cleaned. In the communal Lounge all controls, air-conditioning, TV etc as well as door handles, tables and bench will be wiped and wipes will be provided for you to use before touching any object or surface and hand sanitiser is also provided in each guest room.

When entering the main house for breakfast, hand sanitiser will be provided for you to use on entering and leaving. Coffee and tea will be made by the hosts. Individual serving utensils will be provided as well as individual servings of food.

In the communal lounge bins are provided for any items used, so they can be removed any time during the day and then replaced.

All payments will be made by credit card or direct deposit. You are able to book and prepay online if you wish.

Our cleaning regime will include:

  • Counter-tops and serving areas,
  • Coffee machines and kettles
  • Handrails,
  • Door handles and light switches.
  • Seats
  • Seat backs
  • Windows and windowsills
  • We will promote frequent and effective hand washing by us and visitors.
  • We will have cleaning and disinfect products readily available with instructions on safe & effective cleaning & disinfecting procedures.
  • We will ensure adequate time and resources are provided for enhanced cleaning procedures to be undertaken.
  • We will have alcohol-based hand sanitiser and or hand washing facilities with soap readily available to staff and customers for regular use.